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Vientos cruzados

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About Luis Verde

With saxophonist/composer Luis Verde, potent jazz improvisation fuses with bold, playful and surprising composition. He’s one of the most remarkable and distinctive Contemporary Jazz musicians of his generation in Spain. A striking saxophonist and curious mind at large, Luis’s latest project, “Vientos Cruzados” (his third album as a sole leader) draws upon the musical wisdom of Mark Schilders (drums), Moises Sánchez (piano & keyboard) and Reinier Elizarde (double bass).

Latest album

Vientos cruzados

(Self Edited)

Luis Verde (Alto sax & soprano, composition and arrangements)
Moisés Sánchez (Piano)
Mark Schilders (Drums)
Reinier Elizarde “el negrón” (Double bass)

“…[Luis] is, without a doubt, one of the greatest intellectual creators of jazz made in our country, a musician who uses his vast knowledge to move you.”

Pablo Sanz

Journalist, El Mundo

“In the sound world of “IN LAK’ECH – HALA K’IN”, the instrumental virtuosity and musical wisdom of all participants are given at hand, with the restless imagination of a select composer.”

Jorge Rossy

Drummer, pianist and vibraphonist.

Escuchar a primera vista – “Vientos cruzados”