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Luis Verde Quartet "Vientos cruzados"

Discography (Leader)

With saxophonist/composer Luis Verde, potent jazz improvisation fuses with bold, playful and surprising composition. He’s one of the most remarkable and distinctive Contemporary Jazz musicians of his generation in Spain. A striking saxophonist and curious mind at large, Luis’s latest project, “Vientos Cruzados” (his third album as a sole leader) draws upon the musical wisdom of Mark Schilders (drums), Moises Sánchez (piano & keyboard) and Reinier Elizarde (double bass).

Luis and his collaborators travel musical expanses marked with otherworldly melodies, captivating grooves and intricate textures. Conceptually, the album was inspired by places Luis has a longing to go to, some imaginary, some real – one track in particular being dedicated to one of the world’s oldest trees, “Jomon Sugi”. Classical elements, hypnotic bass lines and narratives from nature are interwoven throughout the album, establishing a warm and vibrant sound that is both rhythmically original and extraordinary.

Taking the cohesion between composition and improvisation as the central axis in the development of the group’s sound, it is extremely evident that there is an enormous connection between these four musicians. A deep bond is generated with the listener when witnessing the band’s personal pursuit of interpretive freedom; a live performance that is wildly overflowing with energy.

In this new stage of his career, Luis has taken the firm decision to delve into the intuitive development of his music, a path towards the cohesion of/ between composition and interpretation, prioritizing the evolution of group sound and free interpretation as the main objectives. To achieve this, Luis continues to surround himself with musicians who have exceptional interpretative abilities, whilst having, at the same time, a shared energetic attitude, which is essential for his music.

Choosing a quartet formation is another key element to this project, where the band members explore individual creativity within the performance of the compositions, generating a tremendously personal and direct connection to the audience. Combining the acoustic part of the band with the search of new colours within the electronic realm is one of the major areas of exploration.

Luis Verde

Alto sax and composer

Mark Schilders


Moisés Sánchez


Reinier Elizarde "El Negrón"

Double bass

Recorded in GLOBAL MEDIA 360 / CATA (November 2017, Madrid)
Sound Engineer: Manuel Pájaro
Mix & Mastering: Shayan Fathi